Breitbark News Mission Statement

Breitbark News Mission Statement

28 May 2020 Lifestyle , Journal 7

Founded by Spence, pictured above, the #AltBite is a movement dedicated to fighting the liberally-biased dog media, and digging for the truth. Here are some of the things we believe:

  • Dog President O’Boomer was weak, and we voted in Dog President Pooch so we can #MakeOurNeighborhoodGreatAgain
  • The threat from radical terriers is very real, and we need a #TerrierBan to stop the influx of terriers coming into our neighborhood
  • We need a strong, conservative Pupreme Court
  • The Second Amendment guarantees all dogs the #RightToBite, and that cannot be stripped away from us
  • #AllDogsMatter, and the #BlackLabsMatter movement is violent and must be stopped
  • Planned Puppyhood is a murderous organization that must be defunded. (See below video for more details.)
  • All dogs coming into this neighborhood MUST have legal collars. If they are not legal, then they do not belong in this neighborhood. We do not believe in Sanctuary Streets, even for puppies
  • Chihuahuas can come into this neighborhood, but they have to do it LEGALLY. We will build a great fence to stop bad perros from coming in. #BuildTheFence
  • There is no need to be puplitically correct. Just like our great new Dog President Pooch, we will tell it like it is. If you disagree with us, then you do not deserve to be a part of this historic movement

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