Introducing Teddy the Majestic — Story Time Series

Introducing Teddy the Majestic — Story Time Series

28 May 2020 Lifestyle , Journal 7

Teddy was originally a reluctant addition to our household as we had only months prior added our third cat. My partner is on an email list for fosters and kept getting updates about this handsome fellow. Part Maine Coon, part Norwegian Forest Cat; Teddy spent a long time on the streets of downtown Edmonton after being dumped by his previous owners. We don’t know how long he lived on his own, but judging from some of his learned behaviours (we’ll get to those) I’d say it was a few years.

He was such a shy little boy when we went to visit. When we came over, he wedged himself between the TV stand and the wall, but I was able to pull him out. I’ll admit that I had originally said no to him, but I gave in. He was super handsome and I have a soft spot for pets that have been dumped.

Shortly after bringing him home, we noticed a few…quirks.

The first is how Teddy drinks water. He’s not the only water weirdo in this house (more on that another time), but he’s the only one who attempts to dig up his water. When he’s thirsty, he’ll head to the water bowl and repeatedly pull his front paws back in a soft digging motion. After a few seconds, he settles in and laps up his water. I have yet to catch this on camera, but when I’ll post when I do.

The second is that he lives for the great outdoors. The above picture was taken in our front yard where he just like to lay in the grass and watch people pass by. As winter turns to spring, he starts whining at the door for us to let him out. We would do this more often, except for the fact the he disappears for hours and hours, only to play the “want in/don’t want in” game with us. We used to be able to lure him inside with treats, but he’s learning….

Finally, there is his hair. Being a cross between two longhair breeds, he has ample fur. The problem is that it never seems to stop growing. Every few months he’ll reach a point where his hair outgrows his grooming and he ends up with the biggest clumps of hair in his mouth that seem to appear like pods in every room.

This is when we shave him.

He can hate us all he wants, but it’s good for him in the long run.

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